Lisa Solterbeck, has over 20 years experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and healer. Her educational background includes a master’s degree in Social Work, Certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and she is currently working towards a doctoral degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

Lisa has experience with numerous agencies in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, including Mother Oaks Child, Willamette Valley Hospice, Marion County Juvenile Dept., Northwest Senior and Disability Services, Polk Community Living and Liberty House. She is the co-owner of Journeys A Center for Your Soul and is honored to serve her community as a private practitioner. She uses her teachings and skills to expand her foundation beyond traditional psychology.
Hosted by:  Lisa Solterbeck
First aired: February 1, 2013
Length: 30 Minutes
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Meet your Show Host
Lisa is also an Intuitive Empath who blends psychology and spirituality in a unique way. She helps individuals move through blocked energy using a modality she created called 'Essence Illumination'.  Through this process she helps elicit the essence of an individual by moving barriers of beliefs, feelings and trauma experiences that have been trapped in the psyche. She navigates from the perspective that all people are whole and complete, yet have barriers or blocks around the expression of their higher selves. This modality is expressed in love and the full understanding that she does not "heal" she just hold a sacred space where the blocked energy can be released.
About the Show
During my shows I will discuss ways you can find your authentic self using a modality I created called Essence Illumination. I will teach you steps that you can take to help you understand the choices you make and how your choices often lead you down the wrong path. I will give you useful and easy tools you can use to be exactly who you are meant to be without limits. As my shows progress I will guide you into each step deepening your understanding and helping you heal.  I hope you will join me. Lisa 
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Essence ~ Illumination
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Introduction to Essence Illumintion     
Why do I do what I do? 
The Tricks We Play on Ourselves 
Suffering VS Healing 
Creating Emotional Holes With Victim Mentality
Reconnecting to the Sources Within You 
Values and Beliefs That Define Use    
The Truth About Addictions
Living in Equality
Sexual Intimacy - The Unspoken Desire
Integrity - The Link to the Power of the Universe
Responsibility - Gift or Curse?
An Environment to Heal
Healing the Soul
Creating a System for Success
Risk VS Security
Holding Sacred Space
Authenticity - The Natural You
Codependency - The Grand Illusion of Security
Victim Mind or Healing Mind
Magical Thinking or True Creation
Set Point: The Doorway to Flow
Are You a Goodie or a Baddie?
Authentic Parenting
Healing By Choice
Are You Standing in Your Worth or Are You
  Working for It?
Self Marketing 101
The Trap of Resentment
To Be Rich or To Live Well
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