Hosted by: Rev. Jay Smith, Jr
First aired: June 16, 2010
Length:  30 Minutes

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"It's Your Choice,               You Decide"
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Rev. Jay Smith, Jr. is the pastor of The H.O.M.E. Center in Salem, Oregon. He has a BA in History and Government from the University of Buffalo, New York and a MED in Counseling from the University of New York. Jay also holds a PHD in Metaphysical Ministry from the University of Metaphysics. He counsels clients all over the United States.
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My goal for this show is to help each listener gain personal freedom. With the many forms of education that exist, our culture has control over us by instilling in us a foundation of guilt, shame, and fear.  This cripples us and prevents us from developing a creative positive moral society that would support concepts like: do all activity in moderation without guilt or shame for the purpose of awareness. It is my prayer that I can help you release these crippling learned destructive restrictions from your daily thoughts, activity, and life.  My goal is for you to accept yourself with loving compassion thereby creating a life worth living. 

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Every day can become joyous day to learn whom you really are and get pleasure from being pro-interactive. This program is designed so our living words will travel with you and be of assistance in dealing with your daily life.  You can replace the debilitating words that carry shame, guilt, and fear with words that support straightforward assistance.  Live a free life and have your freedom now.
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Jay William Smith, Jr is the author of two books. "Jason's Book" and "Karma Affects Everyone".

Jay's life journey has taken him on an extensive spiritual path. His mastery of understanding the human condition and the soul's ability to heal the body and mind is reflected in both books.
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