Mike McCutchan has over 30 years experience in the radio and television industries.  He has owned and operated several radio and television stations in California and Oregon.  Mike earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from a Southern California University.  He is an award winning broadcaster and has earned several certifications related to broadcasting. Mike’s experience ranges from management of broadcast facilities to writing and recording scripts for clients to production of full length radio and television shows.  His “first love” is being "On-the-Air"  He is one of the founders of The Source Center and The Source Center Radio.
Meet Your Hosts
Richard Jackson  brings over 25 years of applied research into Religion, Healing, and Spirituality.  At the age of 5...he began to have visions and dreams of his life's work, to channel the healing love of God to the total person and to all people in all circumstances.  This vision and calling created a continuous unfolding of opportunity to serve through both conventional and  non-conventional methods.

"I like to move with the Spirit" says Richard.  "This means I simply do what I am told and leave the outcome to Spirit!".  Richard is a retired minister, seminar speaker, published author and founder of the Quimby Foundation.

Richard sees Source Center Radio as a wonder-filled opportunity to broadcast those Spiritual Truth Principles which connect us all to the presence and power of Christ.
Archived Shows
Miss a show or want to hear it again?  No problem. Just click on the link below to hear past shows "Pearls from the Pig Pen"  right here on The Source Center Radio.
About the Show
Hosted by: Richard Jackson & Mike McCutchan
First aired: November 2012
Length: 30 minutes
Contact Richard and Mike
Email: thesourcenter@ymail.com

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"Pearls From the
Pig Pen"
Pearls of religious truth, wisdom and spirituality during a serious but light-hearted discussion of the differences, the conflicts and the relationship between evangelical Christianity and New Thought religion.
The Source Center Radio
"On Demand" with
New Thought and the Existence of Evil
New Thought and Who or What is the Devil?
New Thought and the Concept of "Salvation"
New Thought and the Concept of "Salvation" -2
Tensions and Conflicts
Bridge Building Between New Thought and
         Evangelical Christianity
How Wide the Divide?
Bible Bridge Building
The Nature of God Bridge Building
The Nature of Jesus Christ Bridge Building
Building A Bridge with Positive Christianity
Nature of Man Bridge Building

November     Introductory Show
December     Discussion about the reliability of the Bible
Discussion about what "Inspiration" Means  
Repeat of January 2013 Show  
Is the Bible Reliable?
Fundamentals of Christianity - Part 1
Fundamentals of Christianity - Part 2
Fundamentals of Christianity - Part 3
Fundamentals of Christianity - Part 4
Fundamentals of Christianity - Part 5 
Fundamentals of Christianity - Part 6
New Thought Fundamental #1 - Belief in Diety
#2 - Who is Jesus in New Thought?
#3 - The Nature of Man / Divinity of Mankind
Bridge Building - "Is there Evil in the World?"
Bridge Building - "Is there a Devil?"
Bridge Building - "Meaning of Salvation #1"
Bridge Building - "Meaning of Salvation #2"
Summary of Main Points of Discussion
Encore - Summary of Main Points of Discussion
Final Show and Conclusion