Hosted by: Rev. Jay Smith, Jr.
First aired: September 2010
Length: 15 to 30 Minutes

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It's time to relax with...
This is your time! Our guided meditations give you the opportunity to take a little quiet time for yourself. Most of us lead hectic lives and it's easy to feel stressed, over-worked or overwhelmed by the daily demands placed on us. All of this can affect your health and your relationships with others. When you take a few minutes to let your mind relax with a daily meditation your mind becomes more calm.

We recommend that you sit in a comfortable position and in comfortable clothing. It is not necessary to sit in any particular position, such at the well known lotus position. It's just important that you are comfortable.

There are many benefits to meditating. We hope that this show provides you an opportunity to
to have a deeper understanding of yourself and your life's purpose.
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