Marie Jackson  has dedicated her life to living and teaching Spiritual Truth Principles. She is a Certified Instructor of Bob Proctor's personal development program, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master, Co-Founder/Co-Director of The Caring Touch Fund (a non-profit which funds massage therapy for the elderly, the ill and those at end of life). Marie's life is a living demonstration of those Universal Laws she seeks to share with all people. Most important Marie has always lived her life close to Spirit, always trusting in right outcome, even when life seemed difficult and uncertain. It is this faith and trust in Spirit that Marie most desires to share with her other fellow travelers here on the "Earth School".
Richard Jackson  brings over 25 years of applied research into Religion, Healing, and Spirituality.  At the age of 5...he began to have visions and dreams of his life's work, to channel the healing love of God to the total person and to all people in all circumstances.  This vision and calling created a continuous unfolding of opportunity to serve through both conventional and  non-conventional methods.
The real joy behind "In The Zone" is its honest inquiry into the mystery of God, the Universe, and essential spirituality. It's a show about everything and anything! Believing as they do in a greater reality existing beyond conventional comprehension, Richard and Marie explore the facinating realm of the unconventional... the world of Infinite Possibility!

"In the Zone" in an extraordinary show because it introduces the listener to a whole new way of thinking!

We invite you to join us "In the Zone",  but we caution you....'the mind once expanded by a New Thought, can never return to it's former dimension.'
Hosted by: Marie & Richard Jackson
First aired: June 2010
Length: 1 Hour

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The "In the Zone" show is one more way of encouraging others to take the Spirit filled path during their time here. To have the courage to find their way to accomplishing what they came her to accomplish. To remember their Creator in all things, every day.
"I like to move with the Spirit" says Richard.  "This means I simply do what I am told and leave the outcome to Spirit!".  Richard is a retired minister, seminar speaker, published author and founder of the Quimby Foundation.  
Richard sees Source Center Radio as a wonder-filled opportunity to broadcast those Spiritual Truth Principles which connect us all to the presence and power of Christ.
"In The Zone"
Richard and Marie with Dr. Allison Bradley
August 2012 - Near Death Experience
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"I like to move with the Spirit" says Richard.  "This means I simply do what I am told and leave the outcome to Spirit!".
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