Selena Whittle has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and is licensed to practice in the State of Oregon. She has counseled adults for over 20 years. She has also trained for over four years with Shaman Ross Bishop to do shamanic healing. Selena is also an author. Her book "Soaring In Life" is about thriving in life and living life with meaning.
"No matter where you are in your life, whether you're desperate and struggling, depressed or anxious, or happy, healthy and thriving, you have the capability of opening to healing aspects of your Self.  Though suffering is inherently a part of living, we are called to see through the illusion of fear.  We are called to open our hearts to ourselves and to others, to live from our innermost Heart.  The task set before us is not often easy.  Far from it.  We struggle and falter.  We wither.  We fold.  While it's true that sometimes we can also soar in our lives, it is in the dark places that we find our strength, our compassion, and the exponential growth towards wholeness. 

The events of life itself will teach us, whether we want them to or not.  Yet, we can also actively participate in our own Spiritual Evolution by actively taking on the Healing work we came here to do.  It may sound like a huge task, unfathomable, outrageous, particularly when you're just worried about paying rent, but individual healing is done one issue at a time.  So, whatever it is you're dealing with--it is worth the time it takes to address that issue and heal. Eventually, through our own individual healing one issue at a time, we can complete the task set before us: to live without the illusion of fear and to hold compassion for all of creation, ourselves, the Earth and each other.  The price is squarely facing and healing your inner pain.  The result is true inner peace."
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Heart to Heart is show about connection:  connection with each other, connection with life, connection with the world, connection with the Divine.  In a completely personable and conversational way, Selena explores the joys and tribulations of living, the wisdom that can be gained from our own experience and from spiritual traditions all over the globe, and how we might use that wisdom in our lives.  So settle in with a cup of tea or coffee, a warm blanket (or cool fan!) and enjoy the conversation. 

You are invited to give your thoughts, feedback or suggest show topics by emailing: Your comments may be read on the air during the following show.  Sharing wisdom is a good thing.
Note regarding this show: During "Selena Live: Restore your Soul", Selena is working in a shamanic capacity and not as a counselor. Audience participant's have given their consent in writing to appear as anonymous guests on this show.
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Hosted by: Selena Whittle, MS, LPC
First aired: September 2012
Length: 30 minutes

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"No matter where you are in your life, whether you're desperate and struggling, depressed or anxious, or happy, healthy and thriving, you have the capability of opening to healing aspects of your Self "

~ Selena Whittle