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The H.O.M.E. Center has been serving the Salem, Oregon area since 1992. We are a living New Thought Church and Metaphysical Wellness Center and member of the Association of Global New Thought.  We offer a wider variety of classes that include self help development, wellness classes, Reiki training, meditation, astrology and intuitive development.  We also offer a Ministerial Program. Check out all of the details on our website.

Guests frequently comment about the peaceful energy that flourishes in and around the grounds of the HOME Center. To learn more about our church services, classes or other services we offer, visit our website at: www.homecenterhealing.com.
The H.O.M.E. Center
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Larry Dillenbeck is a Certified Clinical Hynotherapist, Hypnotherapy Instructor and Hypnotherapy Examiner with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. He is a Master Practitioner, Health Practitioner and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Larry is a Coach University graduate and practicing Life Coach since 2004.

Contact Larry directly at 503-884-2007 or 503-884-2007    
Email Larry: larry@light-the-way.biz  or visit his website: www.light-the-way.biz
Lighthouse Center for Consciousness Studies
Mike's Discs and Flicks specializes in video and audio productions from start to finish. This means you'll work with one person from the initial filming or recording to the production of your final product. No confusion, no miscommunication.  Just you and your producer working together to determine your exact needs. Videography and audio recordings don't have to be expensive and we invite  you to comparison shop. We know you'll find our rates are reasonable and affordable for most budgets.

Please visit our website mikesdiscsandflicks.com for more information, price quotes, and/or a free initial consultation.
Mikes Discs and Flicks
Kim Elsner gets the original shots that other photographers don't even think of.  Visit her website at www.kimelsnerphotography.com or "like" her on Facebook: Kim Elsner Photography.  Even if you don't need a photographer go look at her pictures.  They will make your heart smile.
Original   *    Affordable   *   Fun    *   Comfortable
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We offer a wide range of counseling services tailored to you for your particular issue, whether you're looking to simply address one issue in your life or are looking to do some in-depth work for issues such as: •Stress & Anxiety •Depression •Transitions •Spiritual and Meaning based issues •Existential Issues •Emotional Pain•Self-actualization/Enlightenment •Chronic or Difficult-to-heal issues.
Restore the Soul
Psychotherapy and Shamanic Healing for individual adults
Contact information: Selena Whittle, MS, LPC • 455 G Ave., Lake Oswego, OR - 503-908-1550   Email Us • By Appointment Only
We accept many types of Mental Health Insurance - contact us to see if your insurance qualifies.
Punjab Teas only use the finest quality teas, herbs and spices from around the world. 

Each tea is especially formulated by "The Tea Guru" to assist you in moving toward health...and at the same time TASTING GREAT! 

And now you too...can enjoy this wonderful legacy of teas from India.
To learn more about Punjab Teas visit our website www.punjabteas.com or call  Phone: (831) 869-9119 | Email: drpaulhaider@gmail.com

Specializing in services and tools that help make your life journey a little easier. We carry crystals, aroma therapy, self-help books, incense, candles and much, much more.

We also offer services such as Tarot, intuitive readings, energy healing, counseling, Reiki, massage and hypnotherapy.
Whether you are interested in New age, Metaphysical, Buddhist, Pagan, Green living, or are Christian, we invite you to come and relax in our tea room or attend one of the many classes we offer.

Visit our website to preview our staff and the services we provide
1595 Cottage St NE Salem, OR 97301      Email: urjourney@aol.com  
Phone: 503-991-5091                                Website: urjourney.net